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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Free Internet Business-2 How do you earn money?

Free Internet Business-2
How do you earn money?

Website is Free!
In short, you are allowed to display the advertisements organized by Google in simple format in your own website. If you do not have any operational website, you need not worry. Google allows you to make use of their arrangement of making free website/blog. You can make a blog and display the advertisements there very easily.

Ads are ready with Google:
Like wise, you are going to give space for the ads to display in your website/blog site. Google as an agent of commercial services will give you sufficient ads for display. When people visit and see the ads, Google will collect the money from the advertisers and a part of it as a commission will be paid to you.

Do a little work: All are automatic!
All these things are automated and you need not worry about the process. You need to set up a blog, an income account and display the ads. All are made simple. I shall guide you.

Open an Income account:
You need to open an income account with Google’s Ad sense. By this, you will receive credits of US dollars daily. This may start with fractions of dollars initially and get accumulated into a big sum at the end of the month. When you accrue 100 dollars in your account, you will be paid by a demand draft or account transfer in the currency of your country, after 15 days of gap.

There are clear restrictions:

You should neither act as a visitor nor make any arrangement/ automatism to click and try for a quick and dishonest earning.

Honest and planned move needed!
You will plan such a way that more number of visitors are coming into your site to read your web content and simultaneously read these ads also to know more about the subject. Google will automatically display ads highly relevant to your subject content.
Be desirous and focused:
All these are possible with a little sharing of your computer and intense desire to make it a grand success. Just get focused. We shall guide you, step by step.

In the next lesson you will make a blog for your self and know about your income account with my guidance.

Till then, you keep on reading all these Google ads at the side bars and bottoms for getting first hand information about blog making and its uses.

This is "Free Internet Business-2"